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We present rental properties with character and/or in exceptional environments around the world. We visit and study the villas, apartments, and lodges and personally select those which meet our high standards.

Our primary criteria for selection is the quality of the property (its architecture and / or its environment). We do not select based on a particular price range, nor from a specific geographic region. This explains the variety of properties presented but they all have one thing in common: All are attractive, privileged, esthetically pleasing or rare either in their design or surroundings. When choosing houses we lool for real homes, "lived in" and "loved" by their owners. This quality provides a warm welcoming atmosphere so that you too, feel at home. 

Our second criteria is quality of service.  At the very minimum, we expect that on arrival guests will find an immaculately clean house and feel that their welcome is faultless.  Should additional services be required we are happy to organise them for you prior to your arrival or after you have settled in. We work  diligently with local professionals to ensure that all services requested are provided.



The internet is full of holiday rental sites where individuals or  professionals, generalists and specialists, rental agents or tour operators all compete for business. Clients have an ever increasing access to products but this in itself can be confusing given the myriad of approaches.

Our website is focused above all on a  particular clientele more than on a specific type of property of which the common denominator is the quality of the surrounding environment. Our descriptions are a fine bakance between an attractive presentation of information and the necessary requirements for search engines.

We pride ourselves on our personal attention to our clients. Our property selection is well considered and based on coherent criteria. You can be confident that we only present properties wich we ourselves love.



Our clients generally love beautiful surroundings. World travellers, they are keen to discover new horizons and meet like-minded people who similarly respect and appreciate their environment. They are very particular and have the means to pay slightly higher but fair prices to get exactly want they want. Accordingly they expect information and services to be professional, candid and precise.  Our clients are as varied as our destinations and accommodation. They may be a couple, a family, a group of friends, a multi-generational family or even a business group. Their holiday may be spent in one location or, may involve multiple destinations with a variety of accommodation. Consequently we strive to present a wide variety of villas, lodges and apartments to meet these needs.



We have 25 years of architectural experience in residential developments, including delicate, coastal environments, property sales and up-market seasonal rentals.





All our RENTAL properties are visited by our team. The majority have been photographed by us and described  according to our own criteria. We balance our written descriptions with photographs and navigational links to present the same information for each property: exterior and interior property information, surroundings and regional information.

We certainly know how to show our products at their best but our presentation, in particular our photos, does not ignore less appealing aspects should there be any.  We strive to keep our clients happy and never want them to be unpleasantly surprised on arrival for their holiday.  Our rigorous approach, we hope, will help internet surfers compare rental sites and choose to become our clients.


To accommodate the varied paths people use to access websites we have tried to enhance your experience by including this section on "DESTINATIONS". This section presents regional information (activities, local services, history etc) with which you can design your perfect holiday.

For the same reason, we have included the heading “THEMES” which provides information to allow you to pursue different themes, for example, nature, luxury, sport (skiing, golf, fishing or fly fishing, hiking or rugby), the love of good food or wine etc. These themes are ever changing and are suggested by our clients and by our team.


To entice our readership, we have created an a section on ARCHITECTURE. There is nothing commercial in this section, it is simply  for pleasure. There are a large number of architectural and interior decoration magazines and reviews available worldwide but only a small number on the internet are dedicated to architecture and even fewer of these offer an eclectic choice of houses and larger scale projects as does ours. Those selected have been either visited by our team, discovered in reviews or suggested by friends, our clients or by their owners.


Finally, we offer a sales category. This website covers properties which have been submitted to us and all links back to their own sales sites. We select properties which match our philosophy in their quality design or interesting location. We are happy to assist you to present your property for sale on our site so don’t hesitate to contact us.


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