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A true inland sea set against pine forests and open to the Atlantic ocean. Here, beaches abut mountains, the birds have their island sanctuary and, following the rhythm of the tide, the pass opens to reveal its sandbars. Explore on foot, bike, boat or sufing .... each to his own. With its wealth of seafood, fine dining and good fresh food is never hard to find.

Arcachon Bay


"A people, their language, their country". A serenade of ocean and mountain; An idyllic, rich landscape of contrasts where rugged cliffs meet ocean, and mountains melt into valleys. But above all, the call of the Basque people themselves, their fervent love of country and its wonders. Why visit somewhere else when you could be here? 

Basque Country


"100%  Pure New Zealand" is the Kiwi mantra. Land of rugby, saliing, ocean and mountains … spoilt for choice. The fun-loving, kiwis with their passion for New Zealand, will happily help you discover the spectacular riches of their home. A destination for people who love pristine, stunning scenery or adventure.


New Zealand


Magical countryside with outstanding scenery made famous by "The Lord of the Rings", Queenstown is THE city for sports and alpine activities in New Zealand.  The No. 1 destination for adventure sports. Extraordinary playground both in summer and winter. Skiing, golf, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting, climbing, hiking, jet boat, bungee jumping (invented by a kiwi),.....


South Island (NZ)


The Bay of Islands has one of the most beautiful coastlines of New Zealand. One of its townships gave its name to the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document signed by the British and Maori. Russell, the first capital of New Zealand, is a charming seaside town. The Bay of Islands has a reputation throughout the world for its wealth of ocean activities.

North Island (NZ)

Y. GAITIS, house and museum in IOS

Iconic figure in Cyclades, the museum of Greek painter Yannis GAITIS is here. It’s silhouette dominates the village of IOS like the acropolis. This venue offers astonishing views of Ios and its surroundings islands. It is dedicated to GAITIS’s paintings and to other Greek artisits who were their contemporaries and who had lived and worked with them in Paris.




Neither a country in itself nor a region of a single country. Patagonia is located at the southern end of South America and is a territory shared by Chile and Argentina.  Nature reigns supreme: mountains, plains, rivers and lakes shape Patagonia into a landscape at once wild and magestic. Discovering Patagonia is a rich experience.


Fly fishing in Patagonia

Fly fishing is an art, more of a mindset than a sport, attractive for those who love the great outdoors with a passion. Fly fishing is synonymous with secret fishing spots, trade secrets and exceptional destinations. New Zealand and Patagoina rank amongst the best destinations and offer accommodation to match.



CAPE TOWN, the most beautiful city in South Africa,  sits at the foot of a mountain overlooking a magnificent bay. A region rich in beautiful landscapes: coastal and inland alike. Known for its bold architecture, CAPE  TOWN is a city that is like a magnet: few people can resist a return visit after sampling its charms.

Cap Occidental


True to its focus on exceptional destinations and distinctive scenery, Tanzania is an obvious choice for INVOGUE Rentals.  From the summit of Kilimanjaro to the beaches of Zanibar, Tanzania's vast plains are home to some of the most amazing game reserves in the world.  A dream destination with outstanding accommodation.